Mobile device management

As mobile devices continue to penetrate the workplace, organizations are faced with new challenges in maintaining proper levels of visibility and control over their users and the data they are accessing. MDM is a user-friendly, simple and efficient answer to supporting the complexities of a mobile workforce. MDM provides organizations of any size, real time visibility and control over a variety of mobile devices regardless of operation system, liability, and carrier or email platform all from a single administrative console.

Key benefits


  • Remote Wipes

  • Remote Lock

  • Feature Restrictions

  • Password Settings

Policy Creation

  • Policy Suite Creation

  • Compliance Management and Access Restrictions

  • Role Based Administration

  • Device Control

Real Time Device and User Statistics

  • Device Location and History Trail

  • Downloaded / Uploaded Data

  • Battery Level / Signal Strength

  • Installed Apps and Versions

Application Management and File Share

  • Remote Install or Uninstall Apps

  • Whitelist or Blacklist Apps

  • File Push and Update

Graphical Dashboard Monitor

  • View by Policy, Platform, Carrier

  • View by Ownership

  • View by Roaming, Text and Minute Usage

  • View by Carrier and Platform Trends

Optional End User Self Service Portal

  • Mobile and Desktop Portraits

  • Locate Device

  • Get Recovery Password

  • Remote Wipe and Lock

  • Wipe Storage Card

Secure Content Management

Compliance Management

Audit Tracking

Report Generation